Crawling to the finish line: Making it through the last weeks of school

Lindsay Chamberlin

Lindsay Chamberlin

May means one thing: It’s go time.

We must chaperone the final field trips, bake for the bake sales, book the summer camps, appreciate the teachers and strategically drop Mother’s Day hints — all while keeping our houses live-ably clean, our kids safe and fed, and our own sanity protected.

This, my friends, is why we are going to have to simplify.bring it

  1. School lunches. Remember at the beginning of the year when you made sure to include all the food groups and checked their nutritional content, and it was all stuff you knew they would enjoy? Adorable. Know what we’re going to do tonight? We’re going to slide our dinner leftovers into tiny containers, and we’re going to throw them in a Pokémon lunchbox with a squeezy applesauce, that’s what. Lunch is served.

(Speaking of Pokémon, remember that $4,000 we spent on cards and accessories at the beginning of the year — and now your kids are all “Pikachu, who?” and “Beyblades are awesome!”? Yeah, that was fun.)

  1. Laundry. Personally, I can wash and dry like a champ. It’s the folding and putting away that I, along with my sweet family, cannot seem to get the hang of. Well, you guys, I turned off the live April the Giraffe Cam long enough to make a call the other day in the name of research. It turns out the laundromat next to 7-Eleven on Edgewater Drive and Shady Lane will not only take a bag of laundry off your hands, they will wash, dry and fold-or-hang it for $1 per pound. For serious.
  2. Are you using your Amazon Prime to its fullest potential? There is a promo code for $10 off your first Amazon Restaurants order. Google it. When I got the code in my email, I gave it a whirl and had lunch from Infusion Tea for the whole family delivered to my door 27 minutes later. (Also high-fived myself because it wasn’t pizza. Mom of the Year 2017!)
  3. Summer vacations. Start planning now while the rates are great. When I wrote this, WOW Air was offering fares to Europe for $150 each way. (The catch is that you’re routed through Iceland, but hey, northern lights!) Allegiant Air out of Sanford would get you to Asheville for $37, and as a frequent Allegiant flyer, I can confirm that they don’t just shoot you out of a cannon for that price — it’s an actual airplane. (I’ve never flown WOW, so you might want to bring a helmet.)
  4. A day of nothing. Let’s give ourselves a day with nothing on the schedule. To be present. To enjoy our kids. And when that special glow wears off around noon, to have lunch with some moms who are in the end-of-the-school-year trenches with us.

Happy Mother’s Day, my friends. You’re amazing.

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