How’s that summer bucket list going?

I am not immune to trends. I have been the proud owner of all but one of the following: pink hair, a nose ring, plaid bell bottoms, a MySpace page, platform flips flops and not one but three Magic Mike ticket stubs. (Honestly, this probably doesn’t surprise you, because I am a minivan-driving, kindergarten-teaching renegade.)

But this summer, a new trend has reared its overzealous head — to the dismay of moms like me who were finally celebrating the end of school and the start of a beautifully under-scheduled 12 weeks. It’s called the Summer Bucket List, and it is all over your social media.

Now, when I first saw the title, I hoped maybe someone had made a list of all of the carefree things they were going to do with their children this summer, like “stare at the clouds” and “sleep until noon.” But noooooo, not my friends. Their lists look something like this:

  1. Learn Chinese.
  2. Crochet paw covers for 100 East Siberian brown bears.
  3. Nurse an endangered eaglet back to health.
  4. Dig up the bones of an undiscovered dinosaur. …
  5. Design an automobile powered solely by positive thinking.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about the gratification of a good checklist. In fact, the first thing I put on every list is “make a list” so I can check something off right away. But I was not about to board this trend-train.

An idea dawned on me: For those of us without the foresight or willpower to plan, we should do this thing BACKWARD. First, we’ll accomplish something, and then we’ll write it on our list. For example, my family went on vacation in June, and my parents took my boys zip-lining and to a history center and a glass museum — BOOM! Three items for the bucket list. We also played at a park, took a hike, flew on an airplane, ate ice cream, went fishing — five more! Who’s to say I didn’t plan it all in May? Prove it.

In August, I’ll Instagram this whole thing with a checkmark next to everything. It’s going to be epic.

So, when we have a long, rainy day, I am going pile blankets, pillows and popcorn into the family room, and this little clan will watch a lot of movies. Whether it’s a “Star Wars” trilogy or the “Bring It On” trilogy (fingers crossed!) … we probably won’t know until it happens.

Respect to all you Summer Bucket List ladies, and equal props to my Summer After-the-Fact List homies.

I hope Summer 2017 is your best ever.

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