A new adventure

I’ll cut to the chase: We’re leaving College Park.

It’s with bittersweet emotions and a heavy heart that I write this.

Our growing family has outgrown our 1200-square-foot bungalow. Between the bouncy chair, the walker, the jumper and the high chair, there’s barely any floor space for Isabella to crawl, let alone for us to walk. So we’re headed a few miles north to a home with a little more breathing room.

College Park has been our home for the last three years. We moved here as newlyweds, bought our first house, planted our first roots, created new traditions, and transformed our house into a home. We built an outdoor oasis in our backyard, turned the guest room into a charming nursery for our baby girl, and spent the last thousand days creating memories all over this neighborhood.

It’s going to be sad to leave.

On a brighter note, we are excited for the new, growing family moving into our humble abode. They remind us of who we were when we moved here: newlyweds, expecting a first baby, also in-between many life stages. We couldn’t be happier for the warm memories we know they’ll create — both inside the walls of this house and among the streets of this little slice of Mayberry.

Our new neighborhood doesn’t have an Edgewater Drive or a Lake Ivanhoe or a retro Publix. But I’m sure, with a little exploring, we’ll find some cool stuff.

When all else fails, we’ll just come back and visit 32804.

Thank you, College Park, for being the keystone of memories we’ll cherish forever.

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