Don’t get too comfortable

Debbie Goetz

Month after month, this community gives me at least another ten reasons why I’m proud to live here.

It can be easy after hearing of a natural disaster to fall back into our daily routines and forget what those in other areas continue to struggle through. It’s not that we don’t care. I know I do. And I know you do too. It’s just that life here is pretty awesome, and thus the whole “out of sight, out of mind” thing takes over.

When tragedy first strikes, we are shocked and saddened. We quickly go online to donate to the Red Cross or other relief organizations and search out immediate ways to help. Historically, we Americans — we, the people — have always been charitable at the core. We saw it here in our own backyard after Irma left us with destruction and no power. Not only did we help each other, but people came from all over the country to help us.

Although I’m sure to those who were without power for a week or more it seemed like an eternity, the aftermath of our most recent hurricane could have been so much worse. Even if we didn’t have a friend or family member to take us in, for most of us, running out of food or water really wasn’t a serious concern.

I realize we took a serious hit. Many businesses will take months or more to recover. Homeowners are still dealing with damage. But at the end of the day, when you look at what’s happening in Puerto Rico, well over a month after being slammed by Irma and then Maria, life around here is pretty much back to normal in comparison.

After seeing a few postings on Facebook about how some of our neighbors were traveling down there to help, I had to know more. And I knew you would want to as well.

Hearing the stories about the unimaginable situation Puerto Ricans face now and will endure for many months to come, I was reminded that while I lie comfortably in my bed enveloped in clean sheets in my air-conditioned home, millions of people would give anything to be where I am — where you are — right now.

Let’s not forget their plight.

Be sure to read our cover story about some local heroes making a real difference in Puerto Rico, and learn how you, too, can join them in making an impact.

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