Community Spotlight: Allie Loveland

Allie Loveland hardly sleeps. With her commitments to the Edgewater Foundation and College Park Neighborhood Association and her creation of an adaptive rowing club and her own daycare, she has no time for sleep! When asked her purpose in taking on countless projects and activities, she has one answer:

“It’s really being a Christian woman and wanting to help others. It feeds the fire inside you,” Loveland said. “To want to do good and to want to see your community become a better community. That’s the only thing I know.”

From the moment she realized she wanted to move here as a college student who got lost driving through College Park to the present after being an active resident of 29 years, Loveland has helped build this community in more ways than one. When her children entered middle school, she jumped in.

Loveland first became involved with the College Park Neighborhood Association after a friend asked if she’d be interested. With the support of her husband, she agreed and later became its president.

Through the CPNA, Loveland created Schools of College Park for principals to maintain a connection with parents. She held political forums where candidates could explain their platforms. And she joined forces with the College Park Partnership (now College Park Main Street) to clean up trash.

“It’s about everybody being very proud of their community, showing off their community and saying, ‘Hey, look at what we can do,’ and our kids are really helping,” Loveland said.

With her endeavor to shape the future generation, Loveland has dedicated her time to the Edgewater Foundation and to aiding children who need a little help along the way. The Foundation, which Loveland says works hard to earn money to give away, provided $20,000 in scholarships this year. Loveland hopes to help these students become well-rounded and self-sustaining.

Loveland’s love for children and the desire to be a good mother led her to create an in-home day care to raise her children. Her day care, where she provides a full schedule with breakfast and lunch, recess, storytelling, naptime and lessons, still thrives today.

On top of providing support for children, Loveland and her family have created Edgewater Adaptive Rowing of College Park (, a rowing club for wounded veterans. Work on the club, Loveland said, will take years, but the Lovelands aren’t going anywhere. She is excited to continue building it to assist people who might be stuck at home, depressed or have post-traumatic stress.

“They don’t have anything to go out to do, so what we want to do is put them in boats,” Loveland said. “Let them win medals again; let them become successful and competitive because they need that. They thrive on it.”

Loveland’s neighborhood contributions began when friends asked for help, and she wanted to make College Park the best it can be. Loveland has been honored for baking the Best Brownies in College Park at Sunday in the Park. And the College Park Partnership awarded her Rookie of the Year and Spirit of College Park, but she’s not done yet. With her kids now in college, she and her husband plan to continue their involvement in the community.

“We figured we would just try our hardest, and that way, once we’re gone, we’ve left something that hopefully can be cherished and help other people,” Loveland said. “You need to watch it evolve because people know what they’re doing. They’re going to take that little thing you did, and they’re going to make it better. That’s the whole point, and I love that.”

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  1. Jenn Mandelion Chrisman
    November 1, 2017 at 10:05 pm #

    What a great piece about a fantastic woman! Thanks for taking the time to showcase this leader of our community!!

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